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Stevie VanBamff b. 1924 d. 1983

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S. VanB., in a 1935 chanel ensemble. Please note the detailing at the wrists.

I am a friendly, energetic snot-nosed kid from Burien, Washington. I started drawing comics as a way around the "bring writings" requirement of a middle-school writing club, and was quickly obsessed. I drew 250 pages of space elves and jalopies before I was 18 (these are now generously referred to as "roughs"). An A.A.S. in graphic design and a bitchin' comic-book internship later, and I'm finally getting back to work.

I have been a feed-store grunt, a Peruvian waitress, a poster designer, a sales assistant, a cartoonists' intern, and a bakery-elf. Now I am a newspaperer and drawer-of-comics.

I enjoy many things, including power metal, novelty tunes, digging holes, running around in the forest, puppets, typography, drip coffee (hours old and out of a pot, none of this custom-brew hootenanny for this one), radio, a well-dressed man, getting and sending letters, a kind lady to sit upon my lap, and visiting with my friends.

I don't like sunshine, kitties, or being found.

E-mail: cigno42 (at) yahoo (dot) com

AIM: Spoolses