June 8th, 2008--My! It's been such a long time!

Dear Friends,

Here I sit, broken-hearted, came to...ahem. Welcome to Stevie's never-ending obsession version three. You may notice the title has been changed once more to something pronouncable, and this web-site has been re-cast with 100% recycled aluminum. You may recognize many characters and elements from previous "collector's version" incarnations, and I hope you will be pleased by any less familiar aspects.

As you can imagine, I've had plenty of time to sophisticate and ruin this pleasant diversion. In that time I have also completed college, moved to Portland, interned, moved back and gotten a job, all fairly successfully.

Everything's going well, and I hope you're all right, too. Please write me an e-mail if there's something wrong with the website, or you think it needs another feature, or you have anything else to say.

Stevie VanBamff



I intend to go to my club meetings and events and then also draw some comics, AND I INTEND TO UPDATE ON MONDAYS.

Today's Page

Today's page is the first page of the rest of my life.

It took me a very long time to get around to finishing this page: my bed now has sheets on it, my drawing table is nailed together, the fireplace is stocked, my friends are sick of me, my phone ran out of minutes, and they froze my library card for a month.

So, begin scene. And now, commence scene. That means go! Go!

Ask Alan: The cast answers reader's e-mails.

Dear Alan,

The guy from earth with powers who ended up in the jail cell? When did his powers emerge?

--Amanda Davis, Wa.

The following is a transcript of an interview conducted while Mr. Greene was attempting to take a shower.

"What? You mean me? Well, I wouldn't call it an emergence--well--okay, okay. When I was a little kid, well--I guess--well. [pause] As I understand it, my mother was really young when I was born, so she gave her parental rights and my gran adopted me. I think I heard she said she didn't feel like I was her baby. So after a while, and I wasn't doing any normal baby stuff enough or something and the doctor said "Ma'am, your baby is an autistic". So they did all this stuff and so forth and things got better for a while but I got worse again and they said "your baby has epilepsy" and there were a few incidents and they said "My heavens your baby can glow" and offered to take me away to Georgia or something and run some more tests. Gran was like "No kidding and no thank you", and we moved to another county.

"Things got worse by the time I was five, so instead of letting doctors stick pins in me, I started to see a holistic psychologist and the priest. What? Oh--Father DelRosario? Yeah. Uh, he had a heart condition. Yeah, bad. He and Dr. Humbert eventually helped me get things under control. You know.

"Things were goin all right and then Gran died when I was eleven, sure threw me for a loop, to put it lightly--I went to live with my Uncle Max? And you know how that went. Yeah, my cousins don't even live with him anymore. So I went to live with my Uncle Matt. After the Max ordeal the courts and so forth had me on a whole lot of medication, so I couldn't really feel anything, anyway, which for sure cut down on accidents, and I was actually going to a real school, and had friends and stuff and things were going well. Uneventful--which means very well.

"And then all that stuff happened and I didn't have my medication and everything went to Aitch-Eee-Double-Hockey-Sticks. But that was when I guess I would say my "powers"--if you would call them that--"emerged"--if you would call IT that. At least I had A.J. and friends who knew what was going on. But yeah, when I was 15, almost exactly. What? Yeah, sure--hey, don't flush while I'm showering--yeah. Bye."